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Large paved area with half-built wall at far end

Enhance your home to fit your lifestyle with our building and landscaping company 

If your property isn’t quite what you want it to be then Mac and Sons Building and Landscaping in Mirfield can provide a solution. Enquire now for a free, no obligation quote.

View of surrounding properties from decking area

Want to make some alterations to your property?

The garden’s not firing your imagination, perhaps? Or you can’t park your car anywhere near your own property? Or maybe everyone in your street can see into your back garden and you’d like that to stop? You’ve probably tried to adapt to the situation. Perhaps by adding a few planters to the garden, asking the neighbours to park elsewhere or putting a makeshift barrier in place to protect your privacy. But nothing has worked and the issues persist.  Whatever the problem, it’s time to put more effective measures in place. That’s what Mac and Sons Building and Landscaping can help you with.

Let’s get your home the way you want it

Mac and Sons Building and Landscaping provide a bespoke service that’s designed to give you the solution you want for your property, whether it’s anything from a new driveway to a full extension. We combine quality workmanship and the right materials for results that the look the part and that are designed to last. With our efficient approach and our flexible schedule, we can get the work done in a timely manner that keeps disruption to a minimum. We’ve nearly 25 years in this line of work, which means we’ve the experience and the skills to deliver for you. We have full insurance coverage in place too and our satisfaction guarantee means we don’t finish until you’re happy with what we’ve produced. Enquire today.

Tiered landscaped garden
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Tall decking area with steps leading up to it on one side

Our comprehensive service covers:

  • Hard landscaping

  • Driveways and tarmacking®

  • Fencing

  • Flagging and patios

  • Garden rooms and pergolas

  • Drainage

  • Extensions and footings

  • Roofing

  • Property maintenance

‘Had my drive done a couple months back, absolutely brilliant job. Neat, tidy. Great set of workers - polite and friendly. Would highly recommend.’

JordanR-204 ( review)

Indoor or outdoor, we can enhance your property so it works for you. For a free, no obligation quote, call 07725 468331 or 01924 911588

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